In February 2013, my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. (And in the fall of 2013, Hashimoto Disease)  My second daughter followed her big sister shortly after with gluten issues. I immediately took action and cleared the way for a gluten free home and lifestyle.  Those first few months were rocky. I was the lady you would pass in the grocery aisles holding a product in one hand and my smart phone in the other. Not only was I checking all the ingredients, I was cross-referencing the companies web page.  It would take an hour to buy three items on my grocery list.  Overtime, I have gotten pretty good at maneuvering through the gluten free world and it does not take me a day to get a bag of groceries.

Eating at home has become quite doable, even with a vegetarian - wannabe vegan mom and a dad with his own food restrictions. Did I mention the grandparents dietary preferences? 

Eating out and traveling have added planning involved, but it is all manageable.

Whatever your reason for searching for gluten free options, I hope this site and blog helps! 

So remember when life hands you lemons... you make non-cross contaminated lemonade. 

Disclaimer:  I did my best to provide up to date and accurate information. I started this collection for my family and realized it could help others. So I share, understanding that this is not the complete. I encourage the reader to always verify the information and make decisions best for their household. Please note, I may have left off some resources and this is either by oversight or by choice.  

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