Gluten Free Products

CGF: Certified Gluten Free
CF: Corn Free
DF: Dairy Free
GFF: Gluten Free Facility
GFO: Gluten Free Offerings means that some or all products are GF but not necessarily certified = GFO
K: Kosher
Non-GMO*: Non-Genetically Modified Ingredients or part of the larger Non-GMO Project
NF: Nut Free
SF: Soy Free
V: Vegan
Klara and Miriam Tasted and Approved - KMA

There are some companies listed that may have some allergen safe products and some may not. Even with the list provided you do need to check labeling.

*Just started adding Non-GMO to the list at the letter "J" Once I get through the alphabet I will go back. and Kosher will be confirmed as well...

This is a work in progress - please note that it is still best to not take my word for it - but to double check with the company- maybe things have changed.... Eventually, all will be directed linked to the company website. 

North Carolina Products

National Products
Against the Grain, GFF, KMA (Pizza and Baguettes)
Arrowhead Mills , CGF, GFO
De Boles, CGF, GFO
Edward & SonsDFO, GFO, VO
Ener-G Foods, DF, GFF, KMA
Enjoy Life, DF, GFF, NF
Glee Gum, GFO, NF, Vegetarian
Glutino, GFF
Hail Merry, DF, GFF, V
Happy Baby Puffs, DF, GFO, NF, SF, V
Ian's Natural Foods, DF, GFF, NF, SF, V  
Imagine, DF, GFF, NF, SF, V 
Jovial, GFO, Non-GMO Project
King Arthur, GFF, KMA
Kinnikinnick GFF, NF, KMA
Little Duck Org
, GFO, NoN-GMO Project
Lundberg Family Farms, GFO, Non-GMO, KMA
Namaste, CF, CGF, DF, GFF, K, NF, SF
NibMor, GFO, V
Nutella, GFO says no gluten or peanuts cross contamination
OrganicVille, CGF, DF, GFF, V, KMA
Peanut Butter & Co, GFF,V (all but one is vegan)
Sam Mills, GFF, Non-GMO, KMA
Spicely, CGF, GFF, Non-GMO
Stonyfield, CGF, GFO (the frozen yogurt is not Certified)

Work in Progress includes Drinks and Other than Food Products...

Alcoholic Drinks

Coconut Dream, CGF, GFO
Republic of Tea, CGF, GFO, K, Non-GMO,
So Delicious Dairy Free, DF, CGF, GFO, K, Non-GMO, V (longer info sheet)
Soy Dream,  CFG, GFO

Beauty Products